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Learn Guitar

You will learn how to play your favourite songs, your favourite music styles and your favourite licks, riffs and solos.

You can chose how and what do you want to learn. I will provide the shortest way to achieve your goals.

Playing guitar is fun! It always has been, is always gonna be!

“How I learned to play in a few months.”

I wasn't sure if I can ever learn how to play guitar, but Pezzo really helped me to understand the basics and much more in such short time. Amazing! I can now play my favourite songs all day long.
Testimonials - Monika D. - Guitar Lesson - Pezzo Music
Monika D.

Rock & Metal

Learn your favourite rock and metal songs, riffs, solos, chord progressions and more. Learn how to achieve your desired sound. Have fun!

Blues & Country

Learn the Blues! Feel the Blues! Learn all scales, chords and techniques. 

Learn your favourite country songs, chord progressions and more. Have fun!

Funk & Pop

Can you tell the difference between Funk and funky? Well, I’ll help you understand it and be able to put it in action. 

Learn your favourite pop songs and more. Learn how to listen and find out the chords yourself using only your ear. Have fun!

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