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About Me

My name is Pezzo. I’m a guitar player, singer, and songwriter. My band is Fast Lane – metal/rock. I was touring around Europe for the past couple of decades. I have played almost every club and open-air around, supporting Alice Cooper, played at Montreux Festival etc. Countries I’ve been touring: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Bulgaria.

I was a guitar teacher at Musik Fabrik, Baden for a couple of years. After a long brake I’ve decided to get into teaching again. I have taught more than 500 students in my guitar teacher’s career. Some of them became professional musicians. Here I can say: the mission completed!

Pezzo - Guitar Teacher - Guitar Lesson

Fast Lane

This is my band, my music. It all started back in 1995. With 7 albums and many tours the band is better than ever.

Check out the latest singles right here:

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Pezzo Music

I stared this YouTube Channel after the first COVID-19/Corona lockdown. It was middle of May 2020 when I was really in a need to do something with music. After 2 successful Facebook Online Concerts a friend of mine pointed me to this idea. 

The idea was not new, as a cousin of mine was telling me to do this 10 years ago… I should’ve listen… now if I think about it…

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Pezzo Acoustic

The Love of Music is has been a major part of my life. I started this years ago and it turned to a permanent engagement. Booked mostly in Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria and Italy. 

More here:

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Bullet Proof

Bullet Proof is a fun side project I started back in 2003 as I recall. A professional rock/metal cover band, which is able to play also smaller venues and acoustic gigs. We can do almost any kind of music style – from rock & metal to blues, funk, acoustic… you name it, we do it. 

Here it is:

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Music, music, music – Pezzo is a musician through and through. He is a professional musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, owner of an analog and digital music studio, guitar teacher and vocal coach. But what music inspires Pezzo most of all and where does he get his passion for music from? How much practice does he recommend to beginners? Without what could Pezzo not do his job and how are his courses structured? The all-round musician asked us these questions – and more – in an interview.

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