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Learn How To Play Pop

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Wanna Learn Funk & Pop?

You will learn how to play funk & pop guitar songs, riffs, licks and techniques.

The program will be defind specially for each student depending on the student’s level at the time.

In a later stage we will go through chords, scales, pentatonic, harmony, melody, music theory, rhythm etc.. The advanced technics are listed below.

Guitar techniques

  • hammer on
  • pull off
  • dead notes
  • harmonics
  • finger picking chords
  • octave playing
  • normal legato, strict legato
  • bending
  • pre bends
  • trills
  • thumb thang
  • double stops
  • vibrato
  • barre
  • power chord
  • funk scratching slapping & popping banjo roll
  • volume knob/violin effect
  • slides
  • heavy down picking
  • palm muting
  • switch toggling
  • glissando vibrato
  • nut/neck/whammy vibrato
  • hybrid picking
  • string skipping
  • fast picking & mixed techniques

“How cool is that?”

I love FUNK! Yes, I do! It was impossible to imagine even that one day I will be able to play it myself. Well, this day has come! If you can dream it, you can achieve it!
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Giovanni G.